Search Engine Ad Campaigns

Search engine advertising campaigns are online advertising campaigns managed and run by means of the search engine ad serving platforms, such as Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture), MSN Microsoft adCenter, Yandex Direct etc. The idea is that you choose the keywords which are relevant for your business (for search oriented campaigns) or sites which are visited by your potential clients (for content oriented ones) and launch the ad serving campaigns targeting your potential clientele by its geolocation, language and other preferences.

There are a few pricing models:

  • CPM (cost per mille) – you pay for impressions (shows) of your ad, regardless whether users clicked on the ad or not (common for content oriented campaigns).
  • CPC (cost per click) – you pay for users clicks which your ad receives; the number of impressions doesn’t matter (common for content oriented campaigns).
  • CPA (cost per action) – you pay only for real actions (conversions), such as a sale or a subscription, which took place on your site
  • Paid inclusion- you pay for being included in the search results or directory index; it’s not supported by some major search engines, since considered as a deception of users.

AdhocMedia.Net offers professional set-up and management of your online campaigns. The expertise of our Certified Google Advertising Professionals will bring the high quality service and outstanding result for your business. Please contact us for any questions or requests.

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