Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, commonly abbreviated to SEO, is the process whereby a website is constructed or amended in such a way as to improve its placement in the search engine results pages (SERP). Search engine optimization should not be seen as an end in itself. It is a function that should be undertaken to improve the overall commercial performance of a website.

Good search engine optimization will ensure that a site appears higher in the search engine results for a range of relevant, specific and valuable search terms or queries. The achievement of a higher ranking against relevant search terms has commercial value for a website because it will attract more traffic. In an increasingly crowded online environment, search engine optimization is therefore a crucial online marketing discipline.

Search has become the method of choice to navigate the World Wide Web. Recent statistics says that 73% of new website visitors come from a search engine. It caused that search has become the fastest growing platform of advertising, which gives long term value in traffic achieved at no cost and let significantly reduce Internet Marketing expenditure. But since 93% search engine users don’t go beyond the 2nd page in SERP, the importance of SEO is evident.

The role of SEO is to legitimately influence the process of improving rankings. Good SEO will improve a web sites ranking across a range of selected terms. The successful execution of a search engine optimization project requires skills in the areas of analysis, research, planning, copy writing and communication.

A comprehensive search engine optimization project is divided into four interrelated phases:

Pre-site SEO activities:

Research and planning undertaken before an existing or new site is actually touched or built. Since Search Engine Optimization is a marketing discipline and not a stand-alone function, before any specific optimization activity is undertaken, it is essential that the following preliminaries are achieved:

  • Understanding the organization’s online business strategy
  • Researching the market category, customers and competitors
  • Research and selection of the keywords to be optimized for

On-site SEO activities:

The activities directly involved in the content and design of web pages.

  • Ensuring the web page utilizes design, content and code that can be effectively crawled and indexed by the search engines
  • Emphasizing the selected keywords
  • Building of the network of internal links
  • Revealing and correcting of numerous errors made during the website development

Off-site SEO activities:

Building a portfolio of quality inbound links to your web site.

The relevance and quality of these links has a significant influence on the ranking of the site in all of the major engines. The search engine algorithm interprets each inbound link as a vote for a site. Not all links are equal and therefore the quality of the vote is important in determining the value of the vote.

Post-site SEO activities

Managing and responding to search marketing feedback once a web site has been optimized. It is important that the performance of the website is measured against the targeted keywords. Having analyzed the results, the important peculiar site-related issues may be revealed, what gives possibility to optimize the site even better, so the story starts from beginning. Effective SEO is a continuous activity.

AdhocMedia offers full-cycle search engine optimization support tailored specifically for your needs.

It includes:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your online resource with detailed recommendations for improvement
  • Report which outlines your initial positions and rankings for the selected keywords in all popular search engines. This will be the point of departure (for comparison in the future).
  • Eventual further explanations and technical assistance for your webmasters in implementing the changes.
  • Continuous tracking of your site performance and delivering you all-round weekly reports
  • Analysis of the changes done and search engine positions gained. Devising recommendation for further improvements and handling special requests.

Please take note, that our approach in SEO has nothing to do with any kind of black hat build-up, search engine fraud and deceiving tactics. The search engines are getting more and more intelligent, and one day any of these highly performing techniques will be disclosed, the site deploying it will be penalized and the online business will undergo a great damage.

  • Timeliness, professionalism and results
  • New winds in the Internet Markerting
  • Ad hoc approach to each client