Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the next big challenge in your internet marketing activities.

Having attracted visitors to you site, either thanks to the search engine optimization or as the result of a marketing campaign, it is crucially important to understand what they do on your site, how they do it and what caused them to do it.

There is a long series of factors to be taken into consideration by successful online marketers. Here are just a few of them:

  • Which keywords bring to your site customers, not just visitors? Do these keywords get enough attention in your ad campaigns/SEO efforts?
  • What is the real ROI for keywords you bid on so high to be in the first position? What is the return from the “long tail” keywords?
  • What impact your last SEO redesign had on the amount of visitors? What impact it had on the site’s conversion rates?
  • Which of your traffickers bring you valuable visitors who afterwards become your custmers and which drive you virtually irrelevant traffic with a high bounce rate?
  • What people search for on your site and what they find? Using the internal site search, people tell you directly and literally what they want to be given.
  • How do your visitors behave when they go through the process of checkout/registration/subscriprion? Why do potential customers fall out in certain point of the conversion funnel and a high percentage of them don’t reach the goal?
  • What are the entry points, navigation tracks, exit points, origins and destinations of your site’s customers?
  • After viewing which pages visitors leave you site? Why it happens and what can you do about that?
  • How to get an overall idea about your marketing team performance in one unique place?

This is all about the Web Analytics, its correct setup, integration and fine-tuning.

And ultimately it is about the comprehensive analysis and interpretaton of the reports.

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