Website Optimization

If your are running an Internet-based business, your site’s performance is paramount for the success. The main gauge of it is the conversion rate, that is the ratio of number of times a goal is reached to overall number of visitors brought to the site during certain period of time. Goals vary for different sites, it may be a sale, a subscription for a service, a registration in the system, a submitted request etc.

Website optimization is the activity aimed at website performance boosting, increase of conversion rates, improvement of usabilty and user satisfaction.

The key points here are:

  • creating light and clear user interface
  • choosing appropriate page elements-incentives: copy, image, teaser, call to action
  • avoiding elements which may confuse visitors
  • preventing situations when users “get lost” on the site

Basicly, you should give the visitors exactly what they want to see

But how to comply with all these requirements? You may try to guess yourself or rely on somebody’s opinion… but the most straightforward and natural way is to ask your visitors. This is the main idea of a website optimization experiment: you choose a few options for the page’s content/design, by means of special tools they are displayed to your visitors and then they in the course of normal site usage practically “vote” for one option or another (even not suspecting their contribution to the experiment). Afterwards, when a representative statistical sample is done, the winning and losing combinations will be clearly identified by corresponding conversion rates.

The main advantages of this approach are:

  • you eliminate the guesswork and get the direct feedback from your visitors
  • you may test as any options as you wish at the same time
  • experiment is invisible for visitors, they use your site normally
  • the decision about the best option is based on the solid statistical model

Wondering why your landing page has so high bounce rate? – Test some other options!

Got a few crazy ideas how to redesign your funnel and increate the pass-through rate? – Test them all at a time to learn which is the best one!

Marketing experiment is the way to get your site doing its best ever.

A/B testing or Split testing

The idea of A/B testing is simple: a few different, but interchangeable units (i.e., pages or ads) are chosen and rotated evenly for all visitors. The visitors’ perception of each particular option are analysed using the indicators like conversion rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, time on page etc.

Multivariate testing or Taguchi testing

This approach is more comprehensive. It proceeds from the idea that the impacts of all elements of a page are interrelated and all the possible variations of all elements should be tested. This test will reveal the really winning combination.

To understand better the basic concepts of the Taguchi testing model, please view this short website optimization presentation.

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